Wednesday, 23 May 2012

What Went Wrong - Everything and Anything

Everything and Anything, demos by Tucson band What Went Wrong, recorded at Mitzi's house in May 1989. Melvin Beastly - vocals, keyboard; Michael Henderson - guitar, vocals; Gob Awful - bass; Rat Shit - drums, keyboard, vocals, guitar.


This Will Make You Feel Better (0:07)
Throw It Away (3:48)
Going Down In Flames (7:58)
Won't Wait (9:17)
Out Of Bounds (12:33)
Pig (14:44)
Not Enough (18:05)
Anything (19:59)
What Can I Say (22:40)
What's Stirring The Soup Got To Do With Learning Kung-Fu (26:14)
Everything (27:24)
You're So Very (29:39)
Street Lamps (32:43)
Eddie's Absence (41:32)
Dope Maggots (46:51)
Waiting Room (52:48)
Alien Abduction (54:38)
You May Just Find Out (1:02:30)
Everything (2nd version) (1:04:04)

I went to Tucson in 89 for a month (my girlfriend lived there) and came back to London with this demo.