Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Southern Death Cult - Live at Ballards 1982

The Southern Death Cult live at the Ballards Centre in Plymouth on 12 June 1982 and featuring their old mate Harvey joining in for the encore. Harvey lived in Plymouth, but was originally from Bradford. Taken from a first generation copy of the original master cassette. As with most things on youtube, it sounds much better through headphones. I remember this gig well, mainly 'cos one of the band (I forget which) unsuccessfully tried to chat up my girlfriend. He kept his nads and I kept the bootleg.

Set list:

1. The Crow (00:20)
2. False Faces (04:25)
3. Fatman (09:02)
4. The Girl (12:44)
5. The Crypt (16:07)
6. Moya (20:57)
7. Apache (25:35)
8. All Glory (29:08)
9. Vivisection (33:42)
10. Today (37:54)
11. Vivisection (with Ian and Harvey on vocals) (42:10)
12. Harvey - I Married a Monster from Outer Space (46:20)