Sunday, 27 May 2012

Polvo - Demos 1991

Demo tracks produced by Polvo in 1991.


1. Vibracobra (0:07)
2. Channel Changer (3:13)
3. The Drill (6:59)
4. Kalgon/Bend Or Break (11:23)
5. Double Scorpio (21:06)
6. Sense Of It (24:05)
7. Mexican Radio (28:42)

It's presumed that the tracks, or at least some of them, were recorded before the live WMBR Session in November 1991 due to Vibracobra not yet featuring the "sweet pretty thing" intro. It also appears that the versions of Vibracobra and The Drill featured on this demo were those used for the 7" single of the same late in 1991. The version of Mexican Radio here appears to have been the version donated to the Freedom of Choice compilation in 1992.