Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Sugarcubes - Peel Session 1987

The complete session recorded by The Sugarcubes for the John Peel show on BBC Radio 1 and broadcast on 9 December 1987. Many people have claimed that this session is a fake and that it is identical to the album versions and some have accused me of trying to con people with my recordings of this session. The session was recorded at Berry Street Studio in London on an unknown date. This is also the studio where the album was recorded. It is not a BBC studio and the producer, Ray Shulman, is not a BBC producer, though he did produce the album. Make of that what you will. Several bands, including Sonic Youth, Big Black, Black Francis, The Cramps and others, produced their own recordings and sent them to Peel to be broadcast as sessions. It may well be that the band decided to send Peel some recordings that included parts which would end up on the album, although I know that all of the tracks here are different to those on the album. The session was broadcast 4 months before the album was released and for any doubters an original recording of the session can be heard, from 14:09 to 29:19, at The tracks are still regularly repeated by BBC 6 Music and clearly stated as being Peel Session versions. I have re-uploaded this session as these pristine recordings may make it easier to notice any differences between these and the album versions. If you can't hear any differences then I suggest you get your ears syringed.


1. Motor Crash (0:07)
2. Cold Sweat (2:26)
3. Delicious Demon (5:50)
4. Deus (8:32)
5. Mama (11:57)