Saturday, 26 May 2012

Demented Are Go - Now She's Dead (Medley)

Now She's Dead medley by Demented Are Go, taken from the album The Day The Earth Spat Blood, released on Link Records in 1989.


1. Now She's Dead (Warp Mix) (0:07)
2. Demon Ted Boogie (1:45)
3. Life's A Bitch (4:00)
4. Now She's Dead (7:04)

Left to right: Sparky (Mark Phillips) - vocals; Billy Favata - double bass; Ant Thomas - drums, Simon Cohen - fiddle; Fink (me) - backing vocals; Miki Pannella (Mike Pannell) - guitar. Photo by the drop dead gorgeous Alexa. Wish to fuck I still had the Un-American Graffiti t-shirt. The only thing I have still got is the hangover.