Friday, 25 May 2012

Buzzcocks - 4th Album Demos 1981

Demos of songs recorded separately by Steve Diggle and Pete Shelley in February 1981 just prior to the breakup of the Buzzcocks in March 1981 and intended for the 4th album. Two of the Diggle songs (2 & 3) slated for this album were recorded by Flag Of Convenience and are found on the War On The Wireless Set. The two Shelley songs were also later fully produced and released on the Homosapien album. 1-6 written by Steve Diggle; 7-9 written by Pete Shelley. The sound on some of the tracks isn't great, but the set has been uploaded in order to give some idea of what might have been.


1. Can You Dig Me? (0:07)
2. Drift Away (3:35)
3. In The Back (6:30)
4. Dancing At Dawn (10:43)
5. By My Side (13:29)
6. Don't Come Back (16:11)
7. I Generate A Feeling (20:50)
8. Guess I Must Have Been In Love With Myself (24:54)
9. Untitled Instrumental (31:13)