Monday, 9 July 2012

Chumbawamba - Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records

"And when the system starts to crack, we'll have to be ready to give it all back." The complete album Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records: Starvation, Charity and Rock & Roll - Lies & Tradition by Chumbawamba, released on Agit Prop in 1986.


1. Prologue (0:07)
2. How To Get Your Band On Television (0:46)
3. British Colonialism And The BBC - Flickering Pictures Hypnotise (8:28)
4. Commercial Break (11:20)
5. Unilever - How To Succeed In Business (12:22)
6. More Whitewashing (16:45)
7. ...An Interlude: Beginning To Take It Back (20:28)
8. Dutiful Servants And Political Masters (23:09)
9. Coca-Colanisation (25:24)
10. ...And In A Nutshell "Food Aid Is Our Most Powerful Weapon" (27:37)
11. Invasion (28:31)

I know it's already on here in bits and pieces, but it really needs to be listened to as a whole.

"And the cycle of hungry children will keep on going round 'til we burn the multi-nationals to the ground." Chumbawamba, 1982-2012.