Friday, 25 May 2012

The Future - Demos 1977

The demos recorded by The Future in 1977, including some recorded at Studio Electrophonique, based in the council house of Ken Patten in Handsworth, Sheffield.


1. Looking For The Black Haired Girls (0:07)
2. Blank Clocks (3:47)
3. Cairo (7:08)
4. Dada Dada Duchamp Vortex (10:17)
5. Daz (15:49)
6. Future Religion (19:30)
7. Pulse Lovers (23:14)

Adi Newton is my uncle. I remember him and Ian Craig Marsh coming to stay at our house in Truro for a while in 76 or 77. I didn't see Ian again until the Clock DVA gig at the Leadmill in 1980. He and Martyn Ware were telling us all about the recent Human League tour of America and about The Gong Show.