Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Blue Orchids - The Flood

The Flood by The Blue Orchids, released on Rough Trade in 1980. Co-produced by Mayo Thompson. Was a bit of a newbie when I did this one, so I fucked up the end of the video. Another single that I virtually wore out as a teenager, as many of my uploads are. My records were all stolen in early 1990 when I lived in London. So I've had to try to reconstruct a virtual jukebox of what I used to have. Found a lot that I didn't have along the way too. Luckily, my ex had about 8 of my singles at her place, including my signed copy of the white label Rigid Digits Suspect Device/Wasted Life by SLF. The price for her returning the handful of singles to me; my Bill Grundy EP.